3 Reasons to Embrace Slow Cooking on the Paleo Diet

3 Reasons to Embrace Slow Cooking on the Paleo Diet

As medicine and science learn more about how diet affects health, millions of people are changing life-long eating habits. Many have opted for choices like veganism, berry and even cookie diets, but most are choosing plans centered on great-tasting food. The Paleo Diet is one example. It involves choosing the kinds of things a caveman lived on, which gives dieters lots of choices that are ideal for slow cooking. In fact, many fans of the diet who are interested in crockpot cooking learn about it here: http://blog.paleohacks.com/20-easy-paleo-crock-pot-recipes/.

Diet Essentials Lend Themselves to Crockpot Cooking

The Paleo Diet allows fish, meats, leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and regional vegetables. Meats, fish and vegetables are the ideal ingredients to make nutritious meals in a crockpot. They can be combined to create soups or simmered together for one-dish meals. The process is very convenient, since ingredients can be put into crockpots and then left to cook for hours. Dieters simply remove them when they are ready to eat and instantly have highly nutritious, easy meals. In addition, they are assured that all juices are still intact. Often meat broth from one meal can be re-purposed to make soup for another.

Slow Cooking Can Enhance Nutrition

There is also evidence that crockpot meals can make meals on the Paleo Diet even more nutritious. For example, cooking meat at low temperatures helps reduce advanced glycation end products (AGE’S) by more than half. That is important, since AGE’s can contribute to heart disease and chronic inflammation. Slow cooking some vegetables can actually make them more nutritious than they are raw. For instance, cooking tomatoes makes their important lycopene more available. The antioxidants in foods like spinach also respond to heat. The end result is that a healthy diet becomes even healthier through crockpot cooking.

Crockpot Recipes Offer Variety

Because it is possible to create endless crockpot recipes based on the Paleo Diet, slow cooking makes it easier to stick with the plan. There are excellent online recipe sources that explain how to create dishes that include crockpot beef stew, pulled pork, pumpkin soup and Mississippi roast.

The Paleo Diet has become popular among those who enjoy good eating but want to get healthy. Because the diet includes so many different foods, it adapts very well to crock pot cooking, which can enhance its benefits.

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