Some Tips For Homeowners Considering a Bathroom Renovation

Some Tips For Homeowners Considering a Bathroom Renovation

Homeowners considering an upcoming bathroom renovation have a lot to think about. It can seem overwhelming, but by taking a detailed and well thought-out approach they can ensure that the end result is well worth the thought. Save purely aesthetic considerations for last and ensure that the functional design is solid first.

Look At What Works

It’s tempting to think only of what is wrong about the existing bathroom, but it can really help to take a look at what features work well too. Is the placement of the sink and other fixtures designed the way it is to allow for optimal use of space? Maybe the shower is placed where it is for a reason. Homeowners should focus first on what features they like and want to keep. This can help to avoid mistakes in redesign.

Think About Plumbing Services

It will be much easier and less costly to redesign the bathroom if the existing plumbing can be used. This still allows for making substantial changes by updating the fixtures or installing new tile, but will be less likely to require additional help. In cases where this simply isn’t possible, like new mobility problems require extra space that will not be available unless the sink, bathtub, or toilet is moved to a new location, be sure to have all plumbing work done by a professional.

Consider Space

This is particularly important in smaller bathrooms and for residents who have mobility issues. In the latter case there may be additional considerations that impact whether to choose a tub or a standing shower, or what kind of sink should be installed. However, if mobility is not the issue, try to leave as much open space as possible without impacting any functionality. In smaller bathrooms the addition of a larger mirror and use of lighter colored paint or tiles may also help to give the illusion of added space without sacrificing that bathtub or vanity.

Extra Storage

Incorporate extra storage wherever possible. If a cabinet can be installed beneath the sink or above the toilet it may remove the need for extra furniture that will clutter up the room. It may seem like a good idea to just remove the storage from the bathroom entirely, but it’s a hassle having to bring in towels and toilet paper from the hall closet every time they are needed.

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